The Million Dollar House (1942) Full Movie

The Million Dollar House
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Watch The Million Dollar House (1942) : Full Movie Online Free Doña Fulgencia Codina (Olinda Bozán), an ill-tempered nouveau riche widow so mistreats her servants that only two are left, the long-suffering butler (Héctor Quintanilla) and a new hire, the wide-eyed but resourceful Fortunato Rico (Luis Sandrini). Her greedy family wants to declare her insane but Fortunato, literally and figuratively, turns the tables upside down in the mansion. A vehicle for the two popular leads, this light-hearted comedy is built around the malapropisms, puns, social commentary and slapstick of Olinda Bozán—a Hispanic Marie Dressler—and Luis Sandrini—Argentina’s version of Chaplin.

Title The Million Dollar House
Release Date Jan 01, 1942
Genres ,
Production Company Establecimientos Filmadores Argentinos (EFA)
Production Countries Argentina
Casts Olinda Bozán, Héctor Quintanilla, Luis Sandrini
Doña Fulgencia Codina
Doña Fulgencia Codina
Olinda Bozán
The Butler
The Butler
Héctor Quintanilla
Fortunato Rico
Fortunato Rico
Luis Sandrini
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