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Deadwood Park
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Watch Deadwood Park (2007) : Full Movie Online Free The small community of Eidolon Crossing once boasted a flourishing economy and great prosperity, fueled by Dogwood Park, an amusement park at the edge of town. Then the child murders began. When the first child's corpse was discovered at Dogwood Park, the town knew they had been pulled into a horrible nightmare. As more murdered children were unearthed on the amusement park property, attendance began to decline. Finally, the macabre publicity shut the park down entirely. Dogwood Park was abandoned. The old amusement park became known as "Deadwood Park" by the locals. Eidolon Crossing quickly withered into poverty. Over the course of 35 years, 26 children disappeared at the hands of the elusive murderer. In 1979, Jake Richardson's little brother Francis was the last of the children to be abducted. Jake and his parents moved away from Eidolon Crossing shortly thereafter...

Title Deadwood Park
Release Date Jan 01, 2007
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries
Casts William Clifton, Lindsey Luscri
Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson
William Clifton
Olivia Cooper
Olivia Cooper
Lindsey Luscri
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